Draw Agreement

– I drift away listening to it.
– A constant feeling like it’s going to stop, resolute, or turn, run out.
– That sense that it’s getting a little too slow and then its speeds up to catch up with itself and it overshoots.
– You know that something is ending but it’s not winding down. An interlocked sensation of something concluding and growing simultaneously, staggering while also becoming more present.
– Iterations, arrivals and plateaus. Is that still what we’re doing?
– Are they three features that are constant?
– Are we describing our method or composition in general? We don’t have a lot of wind-up. We have arrivals but we don’t have departures.
– And is it iteration and not repetition? I like all these words, but…
– In relation specifically to what we just listened to?
– And what we have listened to, and the images. They describe things and guide the listening in different ways. But the problem is that this list keeps growing! I like Houses and thought about in relation to some of your writing which I consult, I have it as a sticky… astrological houses… these words being placed in time across years, and each side as a house, long periods… Houses carries time.
Phases and Stages make me think of adolescence and things you grow out of.
– There’s something charming about that for me.
Digest pushes to the idea that this is a kind of…
– A summary of sorts?
Digest is just a word I enjoy.
– It seems like a better way of saying CollectionDigest is very strange.
– It darkens the work for me. I think about all the bodying.
– What if we think of this compilation as a tie and not a conclusion. A non-resolute, static half-and-half.
– It has come to and end.
– A halt!
– Yeah.
– A tie is very different than a win.
– And a tie and a loss are very different.
– Some words speak more of the two-part aspect of a match, and some join the two aspects.
– The notion that there is some sort of conflict between the two parts is kind of funny to me.
– The idea of sphere eversion, backwards and forwards, is about a rounded set of relationships mostly in pairs.
Draw Agreement has two words, it’s the most active. Agreement is such a pleasant word and such a funny thing to think about in relation to some of the… it feels like a very human word and this music feels not very human. It’s hard to listen for human actors in this music at all.
– We had The Blueberry Agreement at some point.
The Blueberry Agreement.
Right. I’d forgotten about that. Was that on the final form?
– Probably not.
Correspondence keeps the message theme alive. I’m most drawn to Draw Agreement.
– What do you think of Presentation?
– I think I have greatly overused that word personally in the last many years. I feel like that’s the word I use when I try to keep somewhat neutral on exactly what it is that is going to happen. It will be somehow… presence will be involved, you will be given something to experience and then it will end. It carries some valence with me now as being a kind of cheater word or a word to watch out for. I still use it, I still misuse it, I still overuse it. What do you think of it?
– I find it startling as a title. Presentation… of what? It’s more of a question. It’s broad.
– It’s almost the exact opposite of Agreement to me, Agreement being so human and Presentation being so… ‘here’s a word to keep any sort of human or intention out of this.’
Draw Agreement as a command.
– The way I read it at first was ‘listen to this and figure out how it can get along.’
– Draw agreement with it!
– Yeah!
Draw Agreement opens up that relationship.
– I want to know what that music sounds like or what is on that record.
– Technical, inviting and unusual. A poetic, blunt document.
– If you are familiar at all with the history of it, or if you spend time with any sort of legal documents then it comes across as weirdly aggressive but also refers back to Newly Cemented Dedication to Freedom… of getting somewhere, to a consensus and not, nobody’s winning or losing, we’re not having any sort of compromises that involve giving things up, we’re just always trying to moving to some position of balance.
– It holds a balance that points back to many other tendencies in titling, and the closeness and separation of the tracks.
– This titling is a little bit more important than if it was new material, and Draw Agreement still captures that aspect of documentary.
– I think that’s it then!
– I’m very comfortable with it.
– Sign here..
– That’s right. We have an accord.
– Oh no!

(Transcription of conversation recorded in Chicago on May 7, 2018.)