Phonography & Fiction

2018–in progress


“Events taken out of their linear contexts, transcending history, frozen and transcoded into happenings to be used as a sort of memory of history.” (Flusser)

fidelity and definition

Temporary contracts.

“A sound recording’s definition, in technical terms, is its acuity and precision in rendering of detail. Fidelity requires making a continuous close comparison between the original and its reproduction. It happens that today definition is mistakingly taken as proof of fidelity, when it’s not being confused with fidelity itself.” (Chion)


At attempt at harmonization. 


“The spreading of something more widely.” (Google)

In spanish difusión is “the propagation of something, especially of knowledge or news.” (Word Reference)


Unlike timestamps and aging technologies, spectatorship is a fluid standpoint, decentralized, perhaps non-isolable, like listening.


A transparent background.


Extractions from chaos, out of accident and necessity. 


“In the majority of cases, the recording of sounds respects more or less their original duration. It follows that phonography is inevitably chronography, which is not necessarily the case with cinematography, that is, the recording of visual movements.” (Chion)

chronology and remains

“Chronology is an antiquated fetish.” (Couroux)

“All that is susceptible to fetishism remains.” (Durham Peters)

rooms that are machines

Observatories, mills, clocktowers, hangars, garages, among many others obsolete and in the making. 


An attempt towards reaching the inaccessible. Or points of access or change. Or architectural markers to determine signs of change (like a sundial.) Rotary dials dial missing numbers. Dialing is fine-tuning. 

rooms and room tones

Presence-carrying positive and negative spaces. Room tones are not optional and should not be confused for backdrops. 


“Musical art, at first sought out and obtained purity and sweetness of sounds. Afterwards, it brought together different sounds, still preoccupying itself with caressing the ear with suave harmonies. As it grows ever more complicated today, musical art seeks out more dissonant, stranger, and harsher amalgamations for the ear. This, it comes ever closer to the noise-sound. This evolution of music parallels the growing multiplication of machines.” (Russolo)


Something that clocks don’t agree. 


A sign of time. 


“Obsolescence evokes art and deletion means forgiveness. It is not, perhaps, in the end, such an unhandsome part of our condition, this evanescence and lubricity of objects.” (Durham Peters)


A reduction of, into three dimensions – too solid. 


The giant image is trying to represent the giant space that is trying to represent the giant celestial space. 

extinct sounds

“Bats suck the blood of sleeping men, fly in curved tunnels without touching the walls and can pass through silk threads.” (Bright)