Vinculum is Coppice’s archive of sonic artifacts. It collects different perspectives of air and edges of a shruti box (a small bellowed organ), accordion, tubing, sphygmomanometer, and funnels. Sounds were recorded and reduced to highlight some aspects at the expense of others.

    The archive is resource for a series of “performed installations” that study the relationships between audio and audience in spaces: Copse (2010), Vinculum (Courses) (2011), and Vinculum (Coincidence) (2011); and the relationships between audio and objects: A Vinculum Variation (2012), Vinculum (Passes) (2012), and Vinculum re: Screens for Mutual Attractions to Related Objects (Some Impossible) (2015).

    Selections from the Vinculum archive are present in many other recorded compositions, most notably The Pleasance & The Purchase (2010), Bluing/Blueing (2012), Soft Crown (2014), and Bramble (2012).

    Between 2010–2016 Vinculum was offered as unique/made-to-order hand-embroidered pouches stuffed with three different CD-R’s inscribed with their catalogue number, and additionally as individual discs in hand-painted sleeves. The listener is encouraged to play the discs simultaneously on repeat using multiple players when possible.

    2012’s Vinculum Specimen Edition collects twelve CD-R’s housed in wooden boxes custom-designed and handcrafted by Andrew Furse, in an edition of five. The edition is featured in Stuart Tolley’s book Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics (Thames And Hudson, 2014). The contents of each box are:

    • A twine vinculum integrated on the sliding lid
    • A copper mesh vinculum
    • Twelve specimen glass-mounted/code-inscribed CD-R recordings selected from the archive: S-1 01.01 020:00S-1 01.02 012:40S-1 01.03 010:00S-1 02.01 004:44S-1 03.01 005:36T-M 01.01 003:50BK-1 E1.01 019:48PC-1 01.01 006:54PC-1 01.02 006:52PC-1 02.04 004:33PC-1 04.01 003:57, and F-GS 01.02 030:01
    • A brass tube
    • A brass free reed integrated into the box (activated by the mouth)
    • A small index scroll indicating the presence of each recording in other works

    Supporters of Vinculum in 2013 were offered a Vinculum Blowing Kit, containing a free reed, brass and plastic tubes, a cork-USB containing an obviously produced memory, and Red Scroll, a short video and 32-page PDF, all stuffed in a tall hand-embroidered Vinculum pouch.