Soft Crown Transparencies

    Soft Crown Transparencies is a ‘navigable composition for software’ that repositions the listener in a new type of active listening. It provides coordinates for engaging shifts of vantage point (as all sound layers develop in time) through a navigable vertical axis on the screen. Multiple sectors are accessible for close listening of different points of the interior of the prepared pump organ and of the multiple generations of tape processes.

    Soft Crown Transparencies isn’t a game or a tool. It invites the listener to figure a porous journey through a listening format that they can intersect as the music unfolds – to obtain finer details of the music’s materialities and to localize additional audio not found in the stereo mix of Soft Crown.

    Version: 1.0.1
    Size: 252 MB
    © 2014 Coppice

    Compatibility: MacOS 10.6.8 or later
    *Requires QuickTime
    (Currently not available for Windows OS)

    Special thank you to Mathieu Ruhlmann, and to Joey Beaver, Cole Friel, Ryan Hogg, Anthony Martinez, Tim Mena, Brad Nayman, Phil Pobanz, Brent Reardon, and Kyle Schroeder for their help in the construction of portions of the Estey Expander Module electronics present in Soft Crown.