2023-11-12 • Bim Bom Studios • Chicago, IL

Presenting a stereo installation of Bridge to Oblique Landscape (Distance in the Unison with Crosscutting Triangles), an arrangement of John Cage’s In a Landcape (1948), to an audience of twelve.

Also presenting: Sara Zalek and Elaine LeMieux

2022-07-08 • Elastic Arts • Chicago, IL +

CLEAT Series: Coppice, Leash
Performing on the CLEAT 16-channel speaker system.

Also presenting: Leash

2021-11-23 • University of Copenhagen (online)

Sound Studies Lab’s Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies
Live performance of lecture Legend of Passing Time with Instruments and Captions.

2021-08-30 • Organological Congress • Gardunha mountain, Fundão, Castelo Branco, Portugal

10th International Scientific Meeting for Sound, Music, and Musical Instrument Studies
Live performance of lecture Legend of Passing Time with Instruments and Captions.

2021-05-01 and 03-05 • Oberhausen Film Festival (online)

Oberhausen Film Festival
Screening of “Turn The Garden”, a video-sound collaboration between Melika Bass and Coppice

2020-11-18 • Radiophrenia • Glasgow 87.9 FM and online

Broadcast of 60-minute extended version of Stewardship to Obsolescence: Listening to Specimen Music through Yerkes Observatory’s Refractor and Reflector Telescopes.

2017-08-16~17 • PhillyCam • Philadelphia, PA +

Megapolis Audio Festival

Screening of short video Flood Blowing.

2016-08-27 • Constellation • Chicago, IL +

Frequency Series

Coppice presents “By The Ankles”, a last Chicago concert before a temporary hiatus. Music for physical modeling and modular syntheses projected as a multichannel sound design with fake air and images.

2016-08-27 • Silent Funny • Chicago, IL +

Coppice Turning Concert

2016-08-26 • Silent Funny • Chicago, IL +

Coppice Turning Concert

2016-06-09 • The Hideout • Chicago, IL +

5th Annual Chicago Film Archives Media Mixer
Premiering “Turn The Garden”, a video-sound collaboration between Melika Bass and Coppice

Also presenting: Jon Cates and Jeff Kolar, Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Bobby Conn

2016-06-06 • Constellation • Chicago, IL +

Peep Show: The Instant Choreography Series
Created by Annie Arnault / Curated by Amanda Lower and Constellation

Choreographers Phillip Elson + Striding Lion realize a new piece for original music by Coppice.

2016-06-05 • The Burlington • Chicago, IL +

Also performing: Nick Hoffman/Aaron Zarzutzki, Graham Stephenson/Jacob Kart

2016-05-22 • High Concept Laboratories • Chicago, IL

Also performing: NbN trio

2016-05-17 • Empty Bottle • Chicago, IL +

Radius Fundraiser
Also performing: Peter Speer, Jeff Kolar, APHWK&K, Trousseaux

2016-05-14 • Mana Contemporary • Chicago, IL +

HCL Spring Open House
Also performing: MC Andy North, DJ Joe BBall / Joe Miller, Rachel Bunting, Elise Cowin,The Dilettantes, Deidre Huckabay, Kristina Isabelle Dance Company, LlaboratoryCo, Nadia Oussenko, Victoria Bradford, Nicole Mauser, Courtney Mackedanz, Fonema Consort, Honey Pot Performance, Mitsu Salmon, Vaudeo Motion, Scrappers Film Group

2016-03-27 • The Spot • Lafayette, IN

Also performing: Apuh!, Woody Sullender, Nick Hoffman

2016-03-26 • Dreamland • Louisville, KY

Also performing: mAAs

2016-03-25 • The Artifex Guild • Bloomington, IN +

Also performing: Lather/Sommer duo, Rest You Sleeping Giant

2016-03-04 • Transistor • Chicago, IL

Also performing: April Faith Slaker

2015-12-18 • Kavi Gupta • Chicago, IL

Performing in Jessica Stockholder’s installation Door Hinges.

2015-12-05 • Experimental Sound Studio • Chicago, IL

ARP 2015 Showcase

Also presenting: Jodi Mack, Christopher Salvater & Jeffrey Thomas

2015-10-01 • 6018 NORTH • Chicago, IL +

Its Elemental
re: Coil’s Where Are You? sound installation, presented at 6018 NORTH’s Chicago Architecture Biennial exhibition It’s Elemental.  Exhibition on display from October through January.

2015-09-12The Nightingale • Chicago, IL

Performing with Mwata Bowden as part of the Kinosonik series, collaboration with the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives.

2015-09-09 • The Hideout • Chicago, IL +

Resonance Series
Also performing: Reid Karris, Danny Van Durem, Ben Lamar, and Brendan McAlden.

2015-08-30Black Cinema House • Chicago, IL

Performing with Mwata Bowden as part of the Kinosonik series, collaboration with the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives.

2015-08-22 • Millennium Park Lurie Garden • Chicago, IL

re: Coil’s Where Are You? sound installation and performance in C16 April 1987, Small Chapel for One Person or at Most a Couple (1987), a public project presented by the Art Institute of Chicago for the Millennium Park Lurie Garden.

2015-07-25 • The Arts Club • Chicago, IL

In Concert Series
Performing in Jean-Luc Mylayne’s exhibition Mutual Regard.

2015-07-23 • Comfort Station • Chicago, IL

Comfort Music series curated by International Anthem and Rob Jacobs
Also performing: Carol Genetti, Josh Berman & Albert Wildeman

2015-05-21Tritriangle • Chicago, IL

Also performing: Jason Zeh, Instinct Control, Mykel Boyd & Blake Edwards

2015-04-27 • Emporium • Chicago, IL

Also performing: Lessons, Personal Injury Lawyer, Meester Magpie & Thee Murder of Crows

2015-04-26 • Elastic • Chicago, IL

Also performing: Mykel Boyd, Solt

2015-04-05 • LODGE • Chicago, IL +

Embedded Frequencies
Also performing: Peter Speer

2015-03-22 Space4Art • San Diego, CA

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément with A.F. Jones

2015-03-20 Council Chambers West Hollywood Library • Los Angeles, CA

Coppice on tour with Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément
This AD HOC # 12 show is presented by The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS).

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, Casey Anderson

2015-03-19 Canessa Gallery • San Francisco, CA

Coppice on tour with Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément
This show is presented by Meridian Music.

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, Bad Jazz

2015-03-17 Life Changing Ministry • Oakland, CA

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, Horaflora, Brian Tester

2015-03-16 The Boreal • Eugene, OR

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, Nick Hoffman

2015-03-15 Turn! Turn! Turn! • Portland, OR

This show is presented by Notice Recordings.

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, Ingenting Kollektiva, Seth Nehil

2015-03-14 The Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center • Seattle, WA

Presented by the Wayward Music Series.

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, John Teske + Neil Welch

2015-03-13 Skylight Gallery • Vancouver, BC

Presented by the Quiet City series.

Also performing: Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément, Holy Hum, Phonal, Journeymann Trax

2014-08-28 • Livewire • Chicago, IL +

The Paver with special guests Coppice!
Also performing: The Columbines, The Rutabega, Body Futures

2014-08-02 • Chicago Cultural Center • Chicago, IL +

Live concert in Matthew Girson’s The Painter’s Other Library exhibit

2014-07-27 • Constellation • Chicago, IL +

Coppice + Katherine Young, Weston Olencki at Constellation
In a continuous set, bassoonist Katherine Young & Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer) will perform new trio music interconnected with Coppice duo pieces and Young’s solo work.

Also performing: Weston Olencki

2014-07-12 •  Fljótstunga • Reykholt, Iceland +

The Creative Process Summer Exhibition
A group exhibition including the score and Notice Recordings release Pied, partially recorded at Fljótstunga.

2014-06-13 • Transistor • Chicago, IL +

Also performing: Jeff Kolar with Peter Speer

2014-04-30 • Empty Bottle • Chicago, IL +

Also performing: Mykel Boyd, Nicholas Szczepanik

2014-04-09 • The School of the Art Institute of Chicago • Chicago, IL +

Colloquium presentation at the SAIC Sound Department

2014-04-04 • High Concept Laboratories • Chicago, IL +

Opening for N.N.N. Cook’s HCL Artist Sponsorship event

2014-03-28 • Elastic Arts Foundation • Chicago, IL +

Elastro Winter 2014 #3
Also performing: Kg Price, Brian Labycz, Zarzutzki Trio, Health & Beauty

2014-03-23 • Community School of Music and Arts • Ithaca, NY +

Weighter Music Series 2

2014-03-22 • Ecstatic Yod • Florence, MA

Also performing: Chris Corsano

2014-03-21 • Issue Project Room • Brooklyn, NY +

Also performing: Anne Guthrie & Richard Kamerman

2014-03-20 • PearlArts Studios • Pittsburgh, PA +

Lightlab 03
Also performing: Taylor Knight with Anna Thompson, Jeff Berman, David Bernabo, Arquel Winnica Young, and Lenny Young

2014-03-19 • Robinwood Concert House • Toledo, OH +

Also performing: Damon Sturdivant

2014-02-15 • Film Studies Center/University of Chicago • Chicago, IL +

WHPK Presents Pictures and Sounds 2014
Also performing: Olivia Block, Jason Lescalleet, MT Coast + Michael Una

2014-02-08 • Permanent Records • Chicago, IL +
2014-02-07 • Ανάμεσα • Athens, Greece +

Triple Bath Festival
The Triple Bath Festival featuring a screening of our live video Impulses for Elaborated Turbulence (Excised)

2014-01-12 • The Black Sparrow • Lafayette, IN +

Also performing: Tim Barnes

2014-01-11 • Bottom of the Hill • Bloomington, IN +

Also performing: Tim Barnes

2014-01-10 • Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts • Louisville, KY +

Also performing: mAAs (Tim Barnes & Connor Bell)

2013-11-03 • Pizza M • Urbana, IL +

Also performing: Maoϴ (Ryan ⊥ Dunn/Instinct Control)

2013-11-02 • Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center • St. Louis, MO +

Noisefest X

2013-10-13 • Adds Donna • Chicago, IL +
2013-10-05 • Dreamland Film Center • Louisville, KY +

Quakebasket Records (re)Launch Party
Also performing: Minamo, Meridian (Nick Hennies, Greg Stuart, Tim Feeney)

2013-09-22 • Mana Contemporary • Chicago, IL +

High Concept Laboratories showcase at the opening reception for Mana Contemporary

2013-07-14 • Lincoln Park Conservatory • Chicago, IL +

Droopy opening reception
Droopy was commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio for the Florasonic sound installation series, a partnership with the Chicago Park District curated by Lou Mallozzi.

2013-06-19 • Pivot Arts • Chicago, IL +

Pivot Arts Festival at 4101 N. Broadway

In partnership with High Concept Laboratories and  Buena Park Neighborhood Association, Coppice presents “Refractions at a Steep Angle of Incidence: An Evening of Experimental Music and Sound”, featuring performances by Coppice, Jason Zeh, Jason Soliday, N.N.N. Cook, and Troy Shafer. The show will feature visual art created by current HCL Sponsored Artist Nora Maité Nieves.

2013-06-18 • Apop Records • St. Louis, MO +

Also performing: Jason Zeh, N.N.N. Cook, Bad News, Voicehandler

2013-06-17 • FOKL • Kansas City, KS +

Also performing: Jason Zeh, Bad News, Piper Harrow, Conceal and Carry

2013-06-16 • New Media Studios • Fort Worth, TX +

Also performing: Jason Zeh, Nick Hennies, Linear B

2013-06-15 • Salvage Vanguard Theater • Austin, TX +

NMASS (New Media Art and Sound Summit)
Also performing: Jason Zeh, Nick Hennies, Red Ox vs. Cinders, Bryan Day, and many more.

2013-05-25 • Tritriangle • Chicago, IL +

Tritriangle presents sound installations by Anna Friz and Coppice

2013-05-12 • Constellation • Chicago, IL

Frequency Series
Also performing: Katherine Young, Hal Rammel

2013-04-19 • Transistor • Chicago, IL

Also performing: John Kannenberg

2013-03-14 • The Burlington • Chicago, IL

Also performing: The Paver, Andy Ortmann

2013-01-27 • Gallery Uno • Chicago, IL +

Vinculum (Passes) gallery talk and performance featuring Andrew Furse

2013-01-11 • Gallery Uno • Chicago, IL +

Vinculum (Passes)
Open gallery listening hours for sound exhibition 5–9 PM.

2012-12-14 • Gallery Uno • Chicago, IL +

Vinculum (Passes)
Open gallery listening hours for sound exhibition 5–10 PM.

2012-11-23 • Medea Electronique • Athens, Greece

Electric Nights festival

EXHIBITING: Caper (Pink) [multi-channel screening]
2012-10-27 • Cedar House • Milwaukee, WI +

quiet music on last saturdays

2012-10-26Studio Z • St. Paul, MN +

crow with no mouth 2012 Concert Series

2012-10-23 • Private residence • Chicago, IL +

Live performance of Holes/Tract for two

2012-09-18Goethe-Institut • Chicago, IL +

Artist Roundtable Discussion Sound Installation: From the Musical Impulse to the Public SphereCo-sponsored by Experimental Sound Studio and the Goethe-Institut Chicago

With Michael Thieke (Berlin), Coppice (Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer) (Chicago), Ethan Rose (Portland/Chicago), Amelia Ishmael (Chicago). Moderator: Lou Mallozzi (Chicago).

2012-08-23 • NUMBERS.FM • Chicago, IL +

Coppice via Julia Miller on NUMBERS.FM!

2012-08-09 NOWHEREISLAND • Plymouth, UK +


2012-07-29 Experimental Sound Studio • Chicago, IL +

Also performing: Berglind María Tómasdóttir

2012-07-28 • Classical & Beyond/WNUR/89.3 FM • Chicago, IL

Also performing: Berglind María Tómasdóttir

2012-07-13 • SHoP (Southside Hub of Production) • Chicago, IL +
2012-06-22 • High Concept Laboratories • Chicago, IL +

Dissecting Norton: improvised operas by Gino Robair and Julia Miller

2012-05-12 • High Concept Laboratories • Chicago, IL +

High Concept Laboratories presents two sponsored artists: Maria Jönsson and Coppice

2012-04-14 • High Concept Laboratories • Chicago, IL +

High Concept Laboratories Open House

2012-01-14devening projects + editions • Chicago, IL +

Mark Booth’s God is Represented by the Sea
A sound performance in collaboration with Mark Booth (with guest vocalists and animation by Orla McHardy) presented in conjunction with his exhibition God is Represented by an Irregular Shape–including sounds from Vinculum, Coppice’s archive of sonic artifacts.

2011-12-01Impala Gallery • Chicago, IL +

Kaleid Series

2011-11-20Packer Schopf Gallery • Chicago, IL +

Coppice and Andrew Furse present The Apiary

2011-11-03 • PNEM • Uden, Netherlands +

PNEM Sound Art Festival
Curated by Henk Biesterbos, Dan Hoevenaars, Jan Jongedijk, Victor Notermans, and Antoon Versteegde

2011-10-13Minicine? Swampland • Shreveport, LA +

The McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival 2011
Curated by Robert Greenwood, David Nelson, and Robert Peterson

2011-10-12 Soundpony • Tulsa, OK

Close/Far Family Tour

2011-10-11 Wonder Fair • Lawrence, KS

Close/Far Family Tour
Also performing: Adamon

2011-10-10Fokl Center • Kansas City, MO

Close/Far Family Tour
Also performing: Expo’70, Gangi, South Bitch Diet, Scammers

2011-10-09 • SquidFoo Art Gallery • Springfield, MO

Close/Far Family Tour

2011-10-08 Floating Laboratories • St. Louis, MO

Close/Far Family Tour
Also performing: Tatsuya Nakatani, Kevin Harris, Ghost Ice

2011-09-24 Borg Ward • Milwaukee, MI +

Sixth Annual Milwaukee Noise Festival

2011-09-06 • Bond Chapel/University of Chicago • Chicago, IL +

Music Searching for a Body
Also performing: Soundbeast (Anita Chari & Carol Genetti), Jim Baker, and Joseph Clayton Mills

2011-08-26 Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Crystal Baschet Concerts
Concert series presented in conjunction with the exhibition Motor Cocktail: Sound and Movement in Art of the 1960s, curated by MCA Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellow Timothy Grundy.

2011-08-18Comfort Station • Chicago, IL

Comfort Music series
Curated by Dan Mohr

Also performing: CJ Boyd

2011-07-28Samband Íslenskra Myndlistarmanna • Reykjavík, Iceland

There Are Many Wonders In A Cow’s Head

2011-06-05The Green Mill • Chicago, IL

New Music at The Green Mill
Curated by Julia Miller

2011-05-21 • Private Residence • Chicago, IL

Salon by Opera Cabal, curated by Majel Connery

2011-05-20Experimental Sound Studio • Chicago, IL +

Opening reception for Kate Levant and Joseph Kramer at Audible Gallery, curated by Bethany Childs

2011-04-30 • Merchandise Mart • Chicago, IL

NEXT: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art
Represented by ACRE Projects

2011-04-14 Enemy • Chicago, IL

Also performing: Attila Faravelli, Liquid State Bypass, Green Pasture Happiness, Andrew Scott Young

2011-03-26Fleisenberg Floft • Boston, MA

Movement & Sound @ The Floft
Also performing: SkinnyEmu, Paul & Lynn, Katt Hernandez with Walter Wright, Joe Burgio, and Matt Smolis

2011-03-25The Flea Theater • New York City, NY

Music With A View 2011, curated by Kathleen Supové

Also performing: Martha Mooke, Agatha Kasprzyk, Vision Fugitive. With post-discussion moderated by Robert Rowe.

2011-03-24Bela Dubby • Cleveland, OH

Also performing: Fluxmonkey, Temple Fugate duo, Alex Henry, Wyatt Howland, Nate Scheible trio

2011-03-20 • Pop-Up Gallery @ 220 S Wabash • Chicago, IL +

Articular Facet 3: Loft Dinner

2011-03-19 Airplay/WNUR/89.3 FM • Chicago, IL +

Articular Facet 2: Airplay

2011-02-25Transistor • Chicago, IL +

Articular Facet 1: Transistor

2011-02-20 • Transistor • Chicago, IL

The Sunday Session (presented by Transistor and KAM Instruments) & The Roundtable
Live broadcast and podcast hosted by Rani Woolpert from Transistor) as part of Articular Facet 1: Transistor.

2011-02-13 • Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Without You, I Am Nothing: Interactions, curated by Tricia Van Eck

2011-02-12 • Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Without You, I Am Nothing: Interactions, curated by Tricia Van Eck

2011-02-11 • Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Without You, I Am Nothing: Interactions, curated by Tricia Van Eck

2011-02-10 • Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Without You, I Am Nothing: Interactions, curated by Tricia Van Eck

2011-02-09 • Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Without You, I Am Nothing: Interactions, curated by Tricia Van Eck

2011-02-08 • Museum of Contemporary Art • Chicago, IL +

Without You, I Am Nothing: Interactions, curated by Tricia Van Eck

2011-01-29New Capital • Chicago, IL

Coppice/Pik, Curated by Chelsea Culp and Ben Foch

Performing alongside an exhibition with installations by Cameron Crawford, John Almanza, with video installation by Maya Pik.

2011-01-07~28Slusser Gallery/University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, MI +

Disruptive Stillness
Curated by John Kannenberg and Meghan Reynard

2011-01-06~08The Southern Theater • Minneapolis, MN +

Performance of Fourbound, choreography by Rachel Damon (Synapse Arts) with original sound score by Coppice.

2010-12-05 • ACRE Projects • Chicago, IL

Performed sound installation with sculptures by Alex Miller

2010-12-03 • ACRE Projects • Chicago, IL

Performed sound installation with sculptures by Alex Miller

2010-10-02 • Sugar Maple • Milwaukee, WI

Also performing: Peter J. Woods

2010-09-30 • Regis Center for Art/University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN

Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts

2010-09-13Myopic Books • Chicago, IL

Myopic Improvised/Experimental Music Series
Also performing Aaron Zarzutzki

2010-09-09~10 • Hamlin Park Studio • Chicago, IL

Synapse Arts at Hamlin Park Studio
Premiere of Fourbound, choreography by Rachel Damon (Synapse Arts) with original sound score by Coppice

2010-09-04 • Campbell House • Chicago, IL

Campbell House Projects: Sound & Cultivation, Curated by Evan Apodaca

2010-09-03Free Radio SAIC; Chicago, IL

Live on Lee Blalock‘s Render

2010-08-20~22 • Falköping, Göthenburg, Sweden +

Dragonfly Festival
As part of SoundFjord‘s group exhibition Alternating Current: Sound Art Now, curated by Helen Frosi and Andrew Riley

2010-06-11 • Brown Rice • Chicago, IL

Also performing:  N.N.N. Cook, Sarah J. Ritch

2010-05-02 • The Green Mill • Chicago, IL +

New Music at The Green Mill, curated by Julia Miller

2010-03-07Something Else Radio Program/WLUW/88.7 FM • Chicago, IL