Vinculum (Courses) and Vinculum (Courses) [Version Baschet]


Photo by Stan Carpenter

Photo by Nathan Keay

  • Prepared shruti box
  • Electronics
  • Free reed boxes
  • Plastic tubing
  • Accordion
  • Sister
  • Eight speakers in wooden resonators

Version Baschet:

  • François and Bernard Baschet’s Aluminum Piano (1962)
  • Pump organ
  • Prepared shruti box
  • Electronics
  • Speaker Boxes

The performed installation Vinculum (Courses) presented the development of action-capture-reduction that constitutes the archiving process of Vinculum. The trajectory of live sound shedding into reproductions was exemplified also as a spatial path as the audio was dispersed over multiple speakers away from the source instrument.

In the first stage thirteen free reeds were sequentially activated by the mouth while being recorded. Each recording was then introduced throughout eight speakers as electronically processed. This process was re-introduced in the second stage with each free reed activated with extended bellows power, supplemented with minimal tactile rhythms and acoustic filtering. These manual effects blended with the electronic processes that hollowed out and transformed the audio. By the third stage the original recorded material had integrally evolved and become segmented while Pivot, a minimalist accordion passage reprised the original onset. The piece dissipated within the spread of events and long silences.

The one-time-performance of Vinculum (Courses) [Version Baschet] captured and dispersed the sounds of the François and Bernard Baschet’s Aluminum Piano (1962) across a 4-channel installation of small speakers.

The recordings of both versions of Vinculum (Courses) mix different recording positions in space, forming flattened perspectival documents of dispersed action.

August 26, 2011 – Crystal Baschet Concerts, curated by MCA Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellow Timothy Grundy, Museum of Contemporary Art; Chicago, IL
October 13, 2011 – The McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival 2011, curated by Robert Greenwood, David Nelson, and Robert Peterson; Shreveport, LA
March 25, 2011Music With A View 2011, curated by Kathleen Supové, The Flea Theater; New York City, NY
March 20, 2011Articular Facet 3: Loft Dinner,Pop-Up Gallery @ 220 S Wabash; Chicago, IL (preview performance)

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