Fender Rhodes Piano Bass

    The Rhodes piano bases its method of sound generation on metal reeds which function much like a tuning fork. These are hit by a hammer action that works in a similar fashion to that of a grand piano action. The asymmetrically designed tuning fork consists of a thin tine and a massive tone bar, which are bolted together. The piano is kept in tune by the mass of a spring which can be moved along the tine. The tine oscillates in front of an electric pickup, similar to that of an electric guitar. This functions along inductive principles, which permanent magnets placed around the tine having a dampening effect on its movement, thereby affecting the sound. (Apple 2007)

    The Fender Rhodes Piano Bass features only the bottom 32 keys of the piano.

    Present in:
    • Blueberry
    • Dense Day Cooling
    • Here
    • Sweet Thread (Topple)
    • Origin: Fender
    • Year: cir. 1970